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Prayerwalking in Briarglen Square

February 28, 2017

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Eight of us read from Psalm 24, one of the texts of the first week of Seek God for the City ( We focused on the question of the worshippers in ancient Israel ascending the temple mount asking, "Who can ascend the hill of the Lord?"

Waymakers introduction devotional (we can't print them on our site, but you can get the app here and read them!) that we often exclude ourselves from those who can approach God. We also exclude others. We judge ourselves and we judge others. 

As we prayerwalked around Briarglen Square where The Journey is located, I realized that in those few minutes, even as I went out to pray for people in our neighborhood shopping center where our church office is located, I judged. I judged people in a tricked out SUV with loud music going to do laundry, that they are idle and not working and interrupting my prayer!!

Then I remembered a conversation I had with my son the night before. I have committed to have more mercy and less judgment (James 2). And so I caught myself judging and returned to the prayer for myself and the guy with the loud music, the Koreans next door, the African American woman standing on the sidewalk telling someone on her phone that her tax refund will take five days, the guy dressed like the Statue of Liberty, foam version, pointing people to Liberty Tax Service, the homeless man who is separated right now from his wife and children. 

Who can ascend the hill of the Lord? May these people draw near to you, Father? If I can, so can they. Would you draw them to yourself? Would you cause them to ascend to your holy hill? To help each of us realize we are temples of You, the Living God.

I encouraged our youth minister, Nate Donley, who is starting us off Wednesday, March 1 by going to pray at schools, that he ought to pray together with someone. Waymakers quotes a church leader who said, "These prayers are too big to pray for ourselves." That's right. Who wants to go and pray with Nate at area schools March 1? Yes, it's soon and spontaneous. Go. Nate should not go at this alone. Email Nate.