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Prayer for Substance Abusers

April 11, 2017

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From Robert Garland,

April 5th, Pray for the City asked us to "Seek God on behalf of Substance Abusers". I would ask all my brothers and sisters to join me in praying for these prisoners of the war with Satan. Surely they are there because of poor choices, but once ensnared they can only be freed through the intervention of our Triune God.

I seek prayers for my little girl, for regardless of what she has been accused of, I still love and cherish her. I believe my God does also. I seek prayers for all of our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, friends and family members that have been taken prisoner. I believe that my God weeps for them and wants them to open their hearts to allow His Holy Spirit to enter, cleans and redeem them. I believe our earnest prayers can bring us closer to this mind set of Christ.