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Prayer for Fathers

March 23, 2017

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The following is Jeff's testimony about praying for Father's March 21, 2017.

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My breakfast group of accountability and Bible Study guys (Mark McCoy, Dale Bresee, Dan Hayes) has been meeting for breakfast on Tuesdays at 0800 for over 20 years straight, currently at the IHOP.  The formation of our group sprang from the Promise Keeper's movement, so dynamic and popular in the 90's.  Much of the effort and talk over the years has been about fatherhood and leading our families.

We are humans and we are sinners--and we share our 'ugly' with each other. 

This week we prayed for the fathers of this land and had a study on fatherhood and staying with the right 'source'. We prayed that fathers would help keep their families grounded in what truly matters, especially the base being spiritual, rather than secular culture. 

One of our group went to a motorcycle event with his son along with the extended family. These events for this culture are always on Sunday. There is no beer, and it is a family atmosphere--but no God, no Jesus, but with the 'spirit' of competition and adrenaline. The father had seen what happened to another former church family that became a motorcycle family--a son addicted to drugs and alcohol, and arrested repeatedly. The conclusion is they moved away from the source and are paying the price.