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Prayer for Children

April 12, 2017

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From TJ and Bartola Kuruvilla, 

March 24th, Pray for the City asked us to "Seek God on behalf of Children". We were honored to be able to prayer walk around the facilities of South Creek Medical Plaza. We specifically lifted up in prayer those children who are unborn. We prayed that once they join us in this earth, that we (everyone who surrounds them) would be examples to them in every way, so they can grow seeing the light of the Lord in us and grow in spirit and in stature. 

We also prayed for those kids around the Tulsa area who are suffering because they are getting to spend their days in shelters, in DHS offices, in broken homes, etc. Please help us keep these kids in our prayers daily. Also, keep those kids who are blessed to live in stable homes and loving families in prayers too that they may grow to spread that love around.