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Nate Donley Praying for Youth

March 02, 2017

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This morning I went to Jenks, Union and Broken Arrow High Schools. At Jenks and Union, I sat in my car next to campus and read out loud the text from the Seek God for the City app. I felt the need to be silent and just let God speak for a majority of the time but also prayed out loud for our youth. I spent about 25 minutes at both those schools. 

I met Greg Taylor near Broken Arrow High School. We walked the sidewalk outside of the campus and read the Seek God for the City devotional for March 1 out loud as well. Greg and I prayed back and forth for youth, parents, and school administration as we walked around the school. 

The Seek God for the City app was a great prayer kick starter for me. I felt like I could have stayed at each place longer because I was focusing on walking alongside God in my prayers and having God guide me. I sat silently and kept my mind on God and let Him speak to me about the impact I can have on youth and their families.

Really glad I participated in today’s prayer walk! You can join to. Click the button below.