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March 6th Announcements

March 06, 2016

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The Journey began meeting at Wright Christian Academy in the Fall of 2015, but Easter will be the official launch of the church. So, we’re calling on everyone to invite a friend Easter Day, March 27.

Grab an invite card on Sunday and invite a friend to come Easter Day. The theme of the cards is the same as our web site, asking our neighbors, “What are you searching for?” We believe they can find belonging, belief, discipleship, and a mission purpose on The Journey.

Our old church building was torn down last week, but the gospel of Jesus Christ lives on!
We re-named our church to emphasize that following Jesus is a lifetime journey. Invite your friends on The Journey with Jesus.

We have started a new series “Crucifixion and Resurrection” Life of Christ. The lesson on Sunday, March 6th was on “The Garden of Gethsemane” found in Matthew 26:36-56.

We are still looking for one boy and one girl for our Easter skit on March 27th from 9:30 AM – 10:20 AM (during class time). The skit will be narrated, so you don't have to read or memorize anything. If you are interested, contact Bartola.
Be sure to visit the Children's Ministry section of our website to see some pictures of the fun we are having in the Children's Ministry! Just click on one of the pictures to see other pictures.

Starting this month, a “VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH” will be selected for a prize.

If you have not joined our Youth Ministry Facebook page, please join at

WINTER JAM!!! $10 at the door. March 13th @ The BOK Center and the doors open at 5pm. If you’re interested in going or have any questions, please see Nate Donley.

Meeting Tuesday, March. 8Th @ 6:30PM at the Journey Outpost.