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Journey Member is Quick to Serve

February 02, 2017

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Davis Cooper and fiancé, Peyton Vanlandingham

Davis Cooper and fiancé, Peyton Vanlandingham

"If you don't know Davis Cooper, he is worth knowing!" Journey member John Stalcup said.

John said last Sunday while he was helping his friend and recent returning guest at the Journey, Becky, with her daughter's move from a second story apartment to a third story apartment, he ran into fellow Journey member, Davis Cooper.

John, Becky, and her daughter were carrying two closets full of clothes up 32 steps to the third floor apartment, when Davis Cooper was coming up the stairs of the same building.

"We recognized each other as fellow members of The Journey and introduced ourselves," John said. "He realized we were struggling with all the clothes and immediately volunteered to help. He worked hard for nearly four hours and saved the day!"

Becky, her daughter Kristen, and I say, "Thank you Davis Cooper!"