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Frequently Asked Questions

January 18, 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions
January 2016

Where do you meet on Sundays?
Wright Christian Academy
11391 E. Admiral Pl
Tulsa, OK 74116

Where is your church office?
Our weekday location is more than a just a church office. Find us in the Briarglen Square shopping center on the southeast corner of 31st & 129th E. Ave. This is our “outpost” for ministry – where we give food & clothing, pray with you & our neighbors, & host small gatherings of children, youth, & adults. This is also the address you should use if you mail in your financial donations or have them automatically sent through your bank. We are remodeling this facility and securing city permitting, landlord approval, etc.

While we are currently occupying the space and it is functioning at a basic level, it will be 6-8 weeks before things are finished. We are working with Megan Chinowth, who is heading up the project and we will be using Helms Renovation and Bruce Judd to complete the build out.  Our goal is having Alpha and other events there after our Easter launch on March 27th.

The Journey Outpost
3171 S. 129th E. Ave, Suite D
Tulsa OK 74134
(918) 663-3000

You meet in a school and office in a shopping center. Is this permanent?
We have three year leases beginning the end of 2015, which means we intend to worship at Wright Christian Academy and office at Briarglen Square at least till 2018, and longer if these locations work well.

Why are you leasing rather than having a church building?
Simply, God has not led us to build or occupy a church building. Repeatedly God has led us toward a modest monthly lease, and by God’s grace we have monthly expenses that are much lower than when we owned a building.

Where is the baptistry?
Plans are in the works to build a baptistry in the PAC at Wright. There is already plumbing there, and it has been approved by the elders. It will take a few weeks to ship the baptistry, and get it installed. When you are looking at the stage, it will be on the right, between the stage and the doors leading to the cafe area.  In the meantime (and we have already used this once since meeting at Wright) we are able to use the baptistry at Memorial Church of Christ, just down the road.

What will happen to the Food Pantry and Clothing Closet?
We do plan to have a ministry to offer food and clothing at the Outpost location. There are some details to work out in our new space, along with some new and exciting ways we can partner with and serve our community. Our desire is to host people well, and we want to give a good first impression so we're waiting for renovations to be done at the Outpost before we re-start this long-standing and very important ministry to our neighbors.

Were you previously another church?
Yes, our former name is Garnett Church of Christ. Garnett has a rich 46-year history and we carry that with us as we begin a new chapter as a church family as The Journey: a new generation church of Christ.

Why did you move?
In 2012 we felt God was leading us to get out of debt, so we began doing everything we could in order to pay down a decades-long debt load that most recently was $1.2 million. We did not initially intend to sell our building, but we believe God blessed us with a buyer, Union Public Schools, which paid $3.25 million for our former church property.

What are you doing with the rest of the money after paying off the debt?
After paying off our debt, the church remains with $2 million. We have established a missions foundation with $1 million of that $2 million. Our regular offerings are intended to pay our all monthly expenses for rent at Wright and church offices, salaries, and every other regular expense. The Journey does not intend to exceed our monthly giving with monthly spending, but the elders have seen fit to save additional money from the sale to be sure we have backup funds to re-launch the church over the next three years. The staff has access to limited funds each month, if overages occur where giving does not meet budget or needed spending, and this ensures the church has stability and growth in the next three years.

Were you able to keep anything from the old building?
Yes, we still have the large cross that was in the balcony of the Auditorium. It is currently at the church office, and it will be placed along with stained glass from the former Garnett Church building in a chapel in the church office building. We are even using wood from our old building to build a communion table at Wright for Sunday services.

Do you have a website?
We do! A brand new one, in fact. You can find it at On the website you’ll find recent sermons, weekly news, our mission/vision/values, staff bios, and much more!