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Ben and Abraham Seek God for Tulsa

March 03, 2017

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Abraham and I went for our prayer walk today. He was not feeling very good, but he was a good sport. 

First, we went to Standpipe Hill, overlooking downtown. At Standpipe Hill I prayed . . .

  • For people in the city who are poor to learn who they really are, that they are God's creation, have value, and are created to create
  • That they would reflect God's image--everybody needs this prayer, no matter our financial situation
  • That people who lack resources would be given an extra measure of wisdom, endurance and creativity to find their way out of poverty

We walked to Reconciliation Park, where I took this picture of Abraham.

  • I prayed for the relationships between people of all colors to be restored
  • For the components of poverty that are rooted in racism past and present to be ended

Abraham and I then walked to Guthrie Green, where we prayed that people with resources would be generous and wise to help people in need.  

We walked past the jail, where I prayed . . .

  • For government leaders to have wisdom to enact good laws that give people opportunity
  • For the components of poverty that are made worse by unjust structures in our criminal justice system
  • That people would find ways to break their own poverty-incarceration cycle
  • That legislators would enact good laws to that effect, such as to end "debtors prison" where people are jailed for not paying fees, which does little to help them pay those fees

We then walked past Salvation Army and the Day Center, where I prayed . . .

  • For the organizations working with the poor everyday
  • For energy and endurance for the people who do that difficult work everyday
  • That they would have wisdom to create effective programs

Finally we walked through the neighborhood where they were setting up for Night Light. I prayed . . .

  • For the people in that neighborhood and ministry
  • That people would be loved and accepted
  • That I would not ignore the poverty in my own neighborhood
  • That I would find ways to engage with the people around me in houses I walk past everyday

Ben West