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Resources for Our 4-Year Journey

April 24, 2017

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We will launch four years of reading, teaching, preaching through the Bible at The Journey September 3, 2017.

Until then we have been preparing ourselves in prayer, studying a variety of books, meeting, discussing, and posting on this blog and this page for all leading this project.

Here are some resources, some that have been given to Bible teachers present at the most recent meeting April 17, 2017:

  • The Bible Versions - International English Bible, NIV, NRSV.
  • Transforming Word One Volume Commentary (Leafwood)
  • God's Holy Fire: the nature and function of Scripture
  • The God Who Saves: An introduction to the message of the Old Testament
  • Eat This Book by Eugene Peterson
  • Reading the Bible for All Its Worth by Fee and Stuart
  • Scripture and the Authority of God by N.T. Wright
  • The Jesus Bible (Louie Giglio and others)
  • Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight
  • Gene Shelburne's material he mailed me, but not sure if we'll buy it (he sent on consignment to try if we want to use it, will be $250 for church license)
  • Scripture Union's e100 Challenge of 100 Essential Scripture Texts
  • Revised Common Lectionary
  • Text This Week