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Important decisions this week

November 30, 2016

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You are trying to get started back after Thanksgiving and your energy is low. You’re reading blogs. You are like many others who are beginning now to think about plans for Christmas. What you will purchase? How you will afford it? If you are like me, you are considering how you will run counter to the culture of consumerism and ad-driven buying and find alternatives to the “traditional” way of overextending at Christmas by buying and giving and getting too much.

So this week is an important week for many individuals and families making decisions about what to do at Christmas.

“It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” That saying of Jesus is not found in the Gospels. Luke said Paul said Jesus said this in Acts 20:35, but it’s more than a Christmas saying. It was a way that Paul was summarizing Jesus’ teaching in his farewell to the Ephesian church leaders.

May your week go well. This is a great week to plan, talk through with family members alternatives and new traditions.

How will you will stay out of debt this Christmas? How will you say no to impulses and ads for things you don’t need? How will you begin Advent with right minds and hearts?

Tomorrow's post is Twelve Christmas Alternatives!