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28 Days of Scriptures

You’ll never be a perfect parent, but you need to be a praying parent. -Mark Batterson

There is no tougher job, and no greater calling than that of a parent. The powerful role a parent plays in their child’s life cannot be overestimated. Your kids are drawing their cues on what it looks like to follow Christ from you more than they are any other person. This can be an incredibly motivating, convicting, and overwhelming thought. You won’t always get it right or perfect. But you can always pray.

The exercise of praying scripture is a powerful tool to guide our prayer lives. This can mean either praying the prayers of the Bible word-for-word as your own prayers, personalizing portions of the Scriptures in prayer, or praying through various topics of the Bible. This prayer journal is designed for you to pray scriptures specifically for your teenage child. Each day contains a scripture, a devotional thought on that scripture, and a specific way to pray that scripture. Some days contain opportunities to journal thoughts and I’ve added assignments to put your prayer into practice.

Here are a few thoughts on how to maximize this devotional/prayer journal:

  1. All prayers are designed in a way to pray for one child/teen. You may likely have more than one child. Feel free to adapt the wording to reflect your multiple kids. You can either pray for them all at once, or walk through the prayer for each child, one at a time (ex: You have three kids - pray Day 1’s prayer three times over, one for each kid).
  2. Although the wording often points toward teen kids, this journal can easily be utilized for kids of any age (even adult kids). Again, adapt and make it work for you!
  3. The 28 days outlined are not structured in a specific order nor do they need to be completed in 28 consecutive days. If you want to jump around on days, go for it! If you would like to stretch this journal out over 28 weeks or walk through it in 28 hours, go for it!

Most importantly, my prayer is that you become the #1 prayer warrior and intercessor for your children.

Praying for you as you pray,

Derry Prenkert